Create Your Own Love Story

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Author: David W. McMillan; John Gray (Foreword by)
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Each couple has its own love story - a story that is the essence of its relationship and that transcends time. Create Your Own Love Story shows how to take the shared history of how you met, how you fell in love, and how you overcame trials to create a love story that makes your relationship stronger, more enduring, and more soul-satisfying. 

The book is based on a four-part model derived from Dr. McMillan's twenty year's work in community theory and clinical psychology: spirit, a relationship's passion; trust, a relationship's power; trade, a relationship's value; and art, a relationship's meaning. Through these four principles. McMillan empowers couples to use their stories to create a love that is strong enough to survive external challenges yet nourishing enough to shelter each partner's spirit. 

Effective whether used by one or both partners, Create Your Own Love Story is an invaluable guide for those on a quest for true love that triumphs over time.
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