Courses a Culinary Journey

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Author: Princess Cruises
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover

Courses, A Culinary Journey symbolizes Princess Cruises' commitment to excellence in the culinary arts. This book is the fruition of an ensemble of experts representing 28 nationalities, who have exemplified the best of the best in food and beverage for more than a quarter of a century. It illustrates how each meal is a culmination of our passion and skill, and how our love for food is expressed by cooking for our passengers as though they are family. The recipes evolved from stacks of paper, scribbled notes and the creative obsession of our chefs. We have included the most frequently requested dishes along with our special signature delicacies, and have shared with you our time-tested personal secrets to both their preparation and presentation. In Courses, the food is the hero as depicted by the clean, dramatic photography. Behind-the-scenes documentary style images unfold in crisp black and white to recreate the atmosphere of sparkling stainless steel galleys and richly appointed dining rooms where chefs and waiters perform a meticulously choreographed production.

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