Cooking Lessons

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Author: Daisy Garnett

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Hard Cover
It all began one summer when Daisy set sail across the Atlantic from Florida to Portugal with four men. Unexpectedly, it turned out that Daisy couldn't sail, and so was declared the cook. Except she couldn't cook either. From roasting her first chicken in that tiny galley kitchen to large feasts cooked at her family home, Daisy reveals how she not only learnt the skills of cooking, but also fell in love with food - a love that now borders on obsession. 
Full of highly entertaining and often hilarious food and family-related anecdotes - from the unidentifiable school dinners and baked potatoes of her youth, to scallops, doomed love affairs and a weekend spent with a New York drag queen - her adventures are diverse, inspiring and heart-warming.In this title, over 100 recipes are woven into a narrative.

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