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Author: Bob Judd
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 This collection Includes:Book 1- Formula One (1989) --The fifth in his series of Grand Prix novels featuring former race-car driver Forrest Evers ( Formula One ; Indy ; Monza ; and Burn ), Judd's latest smoothly blends racing-contest tension with inside glimpses of high-technology in driving and PR machinations in the celebrity gossip press. Evers finds his ticket back onto the track when a French perfume company asks him to model for their new Formula One cologne in exchange for their sponsorship of a team. What Evers doesn't count on is the arduous work involved in being photographed, filmed and written about in a series of PR-created romances with beautiful but perfunctory models around the globe, culminating in an almost-real romance with Virgin, a billionaire recording goddess clearly modeled on Madonna. As Evers races from one Grand Prix to the next (Monaco, South Africa, Brazil, etc.), he sees first his team manager and then the team's crack aerodynamicist die mysteriously. Evers suspects the head of Emron, a multinational sponsor eager to obtain some high-tech software being developed for the team. With his heartstrings tugged variously by his manager's widow and by Virgin, Evers tries to focus on winning a race before the murderer gets to him.
 Book 2- Monza (1992) --Forrest Evers, the world champion racer who drove flat out through Formula One and The Race, takes the wheel of a vintage Ferrari to rescue a terrified beauty from her Mafia connected husband. Following a plot openly borrowed from the poet Robert Browning, Bob Judd sends Evers, his Anglo-American driver, out on Italian and Sicilian backroads to find out why it was necessary for Rosella di Santo to die. Signora di Santo was the beautiful young wife of Evers's flamboyant and hot-tempered teammate Guido. She had thrown herself at the mercy of Evers, pleading with him to rescue her from her husband and to look after her new baby if anything should happen to her. Which it did. Before Evers could get Rosella to the safety of Rome, she and the rotten aristocrats who adopted her were brutally stabbed to death. Now, in the company of Anna, a sexy redhead who claims to be Rosella's sister, Evers flies to Palermo to see whether he can tie Guido to Rosella's murder by linking him to the Mafia. Sure enough, Guido's father turns out to be one of the richest, cruelest, and most powerful of the Sicilian crimelords; Anna, whose favors Evers has hugely enjoyed, turns out to be Guido's sister rather than Rosella's; and Rosella's newborn son turns out to be the heir to an ill-gotten fortune. Barely escaping Sicily with his life, Evers returns to the racecourse at Monza, where he will duel with the monstrous Guido. The weapons of choice will be race cars. As there can be few surprises in the time-honored plot, the fun is all in the scenery, the Italians, and the truly terrifying driving.
Book 3-Phoenix (1993) -Bill Barnes, a leading investigative reporter, is dynamited on the streets of America's fastest growing city. Forrest Evers knew him.Forrest went back to Phoenix looking for his roots, looking to start a new life. Only for the past to explode in his face in a fireball of corruption and greed... From fast cars and high rollers to billion dollar real estate scams and serious Mafia ties, Phoenix is the pure gold thriller that turns the myth of the New American West every which way but loose...
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