Clarkson Collection

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Author: Jeremy Clarkson
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Jeremy Clarkson's been around the world a few times. Which means he's learned one or two things about how it all works. He's written some bestselling books to share his compendious knowledge with us and now his helpful publisher has collected three of those into one handy volume and called it The Clarkson Collection 
Among many, many other things, you'll discover:
  • Who would win if Superman, James Bond and the Terminator had a fight?
  • Why Australians - but not Brits - need bull bars.
  • That `70s rock music is nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Why we must work harder to get rid of cricket.
The Clarkson Collection isn't quite a brick.But you could certainly use it to knock some common sense into any beardie - weirdie, sandal - wearing tree huggers ruining your day.
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