Character Cakes

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Author: Sandy Garfield
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Hard Cover

This book is full of ideas on how to make your favourite characters from the world of film, TV and comics into delicious cakes and biscuits. Among the 25 recipes will be cakes featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snoopy, Miss Piggy, Superman, Batman, Dumbo, Tom and Jerry, Popeye, Mask, Mrs Tiggywinkle, Thomas the Tank Engine and other characters. The book will begin with a section on basic information relevant to all recipes - for example, use specialist food shops for colouring pastes, ready-made fondant, marzipan and so on; the tins and utensils required. Then follows a group of basic recipes - fruit cakes; various sponge cakes; butter, royal and fondant icings; marzipan and glazes; and biscuit mixes - that will be used as the basis of the character cakes themselves. The cakes will then follow. Each will fall into one of three categories, indicated by stars, from easy, through more difficult to advanced. The "easy" cakes can be made with the minimum cutting and shaping, often using ready-made items that are available from most supermarkets.

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