The Snow Geese

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Author: William Fiennes
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2002 First Edition.  SIGNED BY AUTHOR.
Publisher - Picador, Imprint of Pan Macmillan Ltd., London.
Cover is hard bound boards with Black Cloth.  Excellent condition.
Dust Jacket is present.  Jacket photograph by W. Steve Sherman.  Author's short bio in Inside back Flap.  Author's photograph by Marzena Pogorzaly.. Excellent condition.
End Papers are intact.  Inside Front and Back Covers are Bright Blue.
Preliminaries - Author's Signature on Title Page.  Quotation, Map of flight path.
Main Text Body - 243 Pages.  Fine and Clean.
End Matters - Author's Note and Acknowledgements.
Edges are even and unworn.
Spine is tight with no gutter damage.  Silver lettering.
Page Structure is sound with no missing pages.

Snow geese spend their summers in the Canadian Arctic, on the tundra.  Each autumn they migrate south, to Delaware, California and the Gulf of Mexico.  In the spring they fly north again.  William Fiennes decided to go with them and to write about his travels.  What he produced turned out to be about very much more than geese. It is a blend of autobiography and reportage, its subject was also about homecoming.  The joy of being alive, of being on the move and - above all - of returning home, is poignantly captured in this intelligent, exuberant book, a debut of great delicacy and distinction.

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