You Can Be Happy

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Author: Amanda Gore

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First there was IQ - mental intelligence; then there was EQ - emotional intelligence. Now there's HQ - Happiness Intelligence! 

 Amanda Gore relates how you can boost your happiness intelligence - and therefore your ability to be happy -- without effort, study or work. Lift your spirit and get tips on keeping your body, mind and soul happy. See life from a different perspective and uncover some of the secrets of successful relationships. Readers will laugh and enjoy themselves as they discover simple and easy ways to change the way they feel. 

The stories in You Can Be Happy will lift the spirit, give readers tips on keeping their body, mind and soul happy. They will see life from a different perspective and learn how to uncover some of the secrets of successful relationships. This is a motivational book that is written in a way that everyday people will relate to. It is not limited to career people nor the unemployed, it is a book for anyone who is interested in the pursuit of happiness. 

Based on articles published in newspapers around Australia, Amanda Gore's approach is simple but effective. The thoughts, tips and ideas in this book come in 'bite-sized' chunks for easy reading. 
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