Inhuman Remains

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Author: Quintin Jardine
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Shock!: Oz Blackstone has died and his feisty, tough-talking ex-wife enters centre stage. Primavera Blackstone takes the lead in this thrilling new crime series.

Her mind still filled with thoughts of her dead ex-husband, Primavera Blackstone is in Spain with son Tom when their peace is breached again with the arrival of her elderly but formidable aunt, Adrienne McGowan. All is not well in Auntie Ades world; her roguish son Frank has become involved with a shady international casino project and has disappeared. Prim flies to Seville to track him down, only to find herself a fugitive, with her life under threat, as her aunt joins the missing persons list, and Tom is forced to flee to safety. As she and her companion-in-danger cross Spain in a struggle to keep themselves alive, and to free Adrienne, Prim finds herself at the centre of a maelstrom of mystery...

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