Agatha Christie Omnibus Vol. 2

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Author: Agatha Christie
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Hard Cover

Four of the Finest mysteries of all time in one Volume

The Mysterious Affair At Styles
A destroyed will, a shattered coffee cup, a splash of candle grease, a newly planted bed of begonias... Such were the seemingly unrelated details surrounding the murder of wealthy Mrs Inglethorp, mistress of Styles Court
Peril At End House
A heavy picture falls across Miss Buckley's bed; a boulder thunders past her on the cliff path; car brakes fail on a steep hill, and a bullet misses her head by inches.....
The ABC Murders
A is for Andover and Mrs Archer is battered to death. 
 B is for Bexhill - and Betty Barnard strangled.
C is for Sir Carmichael Clarke, clubbed and killed
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
In the dentist's chair, his mouth stuffed with cotton wool, Hercule Poirot is for once unable to speak!
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