The Day I Killed My Father

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Author: Mario Sabino; Alison Entrekin (Translator)
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'THE DAY I KILLED MY FATHER WAS A BRIGHT DAY, ALTHOUGH THE LIGHT WAS HAZY, WITHOUT SHADOW OR CONTOURS.'So begins a work of suspense, tragedy, and profound reflections on the human soul that marks the unforgettable debut of Mario Sabino, one of Brazil's most exciting novelists.In charming and chilling prose, Sabino draws the reader directly into the mind of a man who has committed patricide. Readers will hang on every word of this bold and stark book, which calls n complex themes of religion, philosophy, and literature in seeking to understand the nature of evil.Part psychological thriller, part intellectual puzzle, this novel plays on some of humankind's most profound archetypes and fables, all the while lulling the reader with the brilliance of its voice.A Brazilian bestseller, rendered into English for Scribe by renowned Australian translator Alison Entrekin, is a tour de force.

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