The Princessa

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Author: Harriet Rubin
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Harriet Rubin's philosophy in THE PRINCESSA is simple settle for nothing less than greatness. THE PRINCESSA is aimed at every woman who feels that she wants and deserves more than she has gained through traditional means of compromise, co-operation, negotiation and nurturing. Writing as 'Machiavella', the author reveals the Princessa's strategy for successful relationships with her bosses, clients, lovers, parents - anyone who stands between her and her desires.The theme of THE PRINCESSA is how to become powerful without becoming a man. Women do not have to play by society's rules. Why do so many people feel that acting 'emotionally' is feminine, weak, anti-rational? THE PRINCESSA shows how to use both strategy and emotion, combining the tactics of love and the tactics of war.After reading THE PRINCESSA, both men and women will be asking themselves, 'Why fight like Machiavelli when you can fight like Machiavella?'

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