Baby Love

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Author: Rachael Hale (Photographer)
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Hard Cover
Whether giggling, gurgling, grinning or sleeping, nothing is more likely to put a smile on your face than the image of a gorgeous bundle of baby. Something about that unique mixture of innocent angel meets mischievous imp tugs at the heart strings like nothing else can. The pages of this lavish book are packed with beautiful babes whose curious, content and downright hilarious expressions will bring you to your knees. Combined with stunning images, 'Baby Love' offers an affectionate miscellany of fascinating facts about babies from around the world. From best-loved nursery rhymes and fairytales to most popular baby names, facts about multiples and world records, this book is the ultimate gift for new parents, grandparents and those who simply adore babies. 'Baby Love' is the first foray into baby-dom from bestselling animal-portrait photographer Rachel Hale.
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