By the Sheikh's Command; Flower Of The Desert

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Author: Debbi Rawlins; Barbara Faith
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By the Sheikh's CommandReturn to the scene of scandals and seduction in this follow-up to the bestselling TEXAS SHEIKHS series.

The Temptation He could have a harem of women, yet Prince Rafe Braham desired only one: Brianna Taylor. But the bachelor sheikh had promised Brianna's brother he'd watch over the innocent beauty, and Rafe would never betray his solemn word. Then an innocent kiss led to an unexpected night of passion and his honorable code bid Rafe claim Brianna as his in-name-only bride. Despite Brianna's stubborn objection, Rafe vowed to make her his, though the powerful sheikh swore he would never succumb to her brand of temptation again. But his heart had other ideas….

Flower Of The Desert: From the moment he tossed her over his shoulder and stormed from the Princeton frat house, Jasmine knew Raj Hajad was a no-nonsense man who took what he wanted. He was, after all, Moroccan--and he'd been sent to bring jasmine Hasir back to Marrakesh.

But if her family thought they could get her robed, veiled and married--even to a man as handsome as Raj--they were mistaken! She might be half Moroccan, but her spirit was one hundred percent American!

Jasmine could no more be a "proper” Arab wife than Raj could be a liberated American male. But neither anticipated the dangers hidden in the sands . . . or the magic of the moonlit Sahara.
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