Busy Little Kids

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Author: Neva Elliott
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Hard Cover
As a parent of young children, do you find yourself lacking inspiration to keep the kids busy and creative on a daily basis? Busy Little Kids, by Neva Elliott, is a book full of easy bright ideas to inspire and well, keep your kids happy and busy every day. A collection of childhood games, craft ideas and exercises Busy Little Kids will get the kids active and inventive. There are 123 ideas, some for sunny days, and some for rainy days, outdoor days, house days, and everything in between. Watching the kids make daisy chains, pet rocks, and mud pies will be sure to pull at the heart strings bringing back nostalgic memories of your own childhood. Motivate your kids to put down the ipad once in a while and get in the garden, get moving, running, skipping, singing, drawing and writing. Designed to benefit kids, improving hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills, imagination or creativity, this book is a must have for any parents with young kids at home.
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