Burning Rubber

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Author: Charles Jennings
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Hard Cover
A turbo-charged account of 60 years of Formula One, endangering the lives of its drivers and thrilling its fans since 1950


A white-knuckle drive through the bends, straights, chicanes, and pit stops of Formula One’s checkered history, this the fast and dangerous story of motor sport’s premier competition. It explores the lost world of the 1950s racetrack, the irresistible rise of British constructors in the 1960s, the impact of technological changes from the late 1970s, the advent of the high-profile team boss in the 1980s, and the revolution wrought on the sport by computers in the 1990s. Throughout, there are memorable profiles of the drivers who have risked life and limb on circuits from Monte Carlo to Monza--the ebullient Stirling Moss, the champagne-gargling James Hunt, the cerebral Prost and the mercurial Senna (whose combined brilliance was exceeded only by their mutual loathing), the adenoidal Nigel Mansell, the metronomic Michael Schumacher, the precocious Lewis Hamilton, and the reborn Jenson Button.
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