Build an eBay Business with --- QuickSteps

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Author: Carole Boggs Matthews; Henry Roth; John Cronan
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We know a picture is worth a thousand words -- so we went heavy on pictures  and light on words in this very easy-to-use guide. Color screenshots and brief instructions show you how to set up and and run a profitable eBay business in no time. Follow along and learn to develop a business plan, build inventory, create great listings, manage successful sales, handle customer service ,set up an eBay store, be a nonprofit on eBay or donate to one,ans so much more. Each chapter's "How to" list and color-coded tabs make it easy to flip straight to the tasks you need to do. Get the book that helps you get your eBay business up and running right away.  

Contents include:
 1.Planning your eBay Business. 
 2.Developing Selling Strategies, Inventory and Services.
 3. Creating eBay Business Processing Centers.
 4. Creating Super Listings. 
 5. Managing your eBay Business. 
 6. Setting-up an eBay Store. 
7 Becoming a Trading Assistant.
8. Using Live Auctions and other eBay Sales Outlets.
9. Applying eBay to Non-Profits. 
10. Integrating your eBay and Other Businesses.
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