British Pop Invasion

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Author: Alan J. Whiticker (Editor)
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Hard Cover

This year marked the anniversary of The Beatles' 'invasion' of the United States in February 1964. The world was never the same again, and the four 'mop tops' from Liverpool went on to conquer the world.

The Beatles paved the way for countless British bands and performers to find international success during the 1960s, taking the US charts by storm and charming a generation of baby boomers in the process.

The British Pop Invasion is a photographic record of that era using hundreds of rare Daily Mirror images, many of them unpublished or locked away for decades, in a hardcover book.

At more than 300 pages, this book is a must for baby boomers of the period, music lovers of any age and pop culture historians.

Take a step back in time with your favorite bands and singers that had you rocking and rolling.

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