Bras and Broomsticks

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Author: Sarah Mlynowski

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Fourteen-year-old Rachel Weinstein just can't believe it. Her younger sister, Miri, and her mum are both witches! How come SHE didn't get the powers that could have propelled her effortlessly into school superstar?

Miri refuses to use her witchy skills for the benefit of humankind (i.e. Rachel). Which is a drag, given that Rachel has an urgent need of some supersonic dance talent - not to mention a boyfriend like gorgeous, unobtainable Raf. But maybe there's one cause Miri just CAN'T refuse. With their dad about to marry awful STB (aka Soon To Be Step-Monster), some witchy wiles may be the only way to derail a major family disaster. . .

But a charmed life has its problems - as Rachel is about to find out!

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