Book Condition Guide

The books on this website are recycled and donated. They are then carefully sorted and uploaded to the Brotherhood Books website by our team of dedicated volunteers.

A woman and a young child reading a book together


Books considered to be in 'fair' condition will have some noticeable damage, but are complete. We endeavour not to sell books with missing pages. Acceptable wear and tear may include slight discolouration, fading, general ageing, or minimal folding.


Books we consider to be in ‘good' condition will have some signs of use, with very little damage. 'Good' condition books will be in a clean and presentable condition.

A woman holding a cup of tea and reading a book
A person standing in a field, holding a stack of books tied together by string


Books considered to be in 'great' condition are as-new. This status is applied to books without noticeable wear and tear and can include literally new books as well as those of exceptional condition and quality.

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