Bob Marley: His Musical Legacy

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Author: Jeremy Collingwood
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Hard Cover

The story of Jamica's most famous hero, told through his music, from unknown Trenchtown rasta to international superstar. Bob Marley first became well known in the UK and USA in 1977, with the release of his 'Exodus' album. Living and touring as an international star for the next four years, he died at just 36 years of age in 1981. It is chiefly these few years that have shaped our perception of both the man and his music. Less well known is the fact that Marley signed his record deal in 1972, by which time he had 10 years' worth of recordings behind him. The four years' success he enjoyed before he died were the result of 20 years of music-making and many changes in his sound and influences. Hit Me With Music is the first-ever attempt to look at Marley's story through the full range of his recordings and key live performances - the rock, 'rebel' and pop periods that have never fitted in with the image of the laid-back reggae legend from the Caribbean. Looking at recordings from 1963 through to posthumous releases in the 1980s, Marley's life unfolds through the story of his changing style, and from his band the Wailers to his writing partner Lee Perry and singer wife Rita. A complete discography and buyer's guide to Marley's releases rounds out an intimate, intriguing and revealing portrait of a man whose fame to date is based on only a tiny part of his life's work. 

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