Blood Oath

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Author: Christopher Farnsworth
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This much is true. In 1867 a man accused of vampirism was tried for murder and sentenced to death. He was then pardoned by President Andrew Johnson, and died years later in an asylum for the criminally insane. At least, that's the cover story. Meet Nathanial Cade: the President's vampire. Cade's pardon came at a price. In return for his freedom Cade swore a blood oath to protect America and the Presidential line from their supernatural enemies. Now, over 140 years later, Cade still works for the President and his administration. There have been many otherworldly foes in the course of history - you should have seen some of Hitler's allies - but right now the threat is deadlier than ever. An extreme terrorist group in the Middle East are plotting to unleash a wave of zombies on American soil. Only one man can stop them. And he's already dead . . .

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