Black Monday

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Author: R. Scott Reiss
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A plague that will cause the death of millions, destroy countries, plunge the world into chaos and yet make nobody sick?

Somehow a microbe, genetically engineered to destroy petroleum, has infected all supplies, casting the world into a new dark age. Dr. Gregory Gillette, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control, is a disease hunter specialising in microbes that attack human beings. When the Pentagon asks him to be part of the Rapid Response Team assembled to track and kill the devastating Delta-3 bacteria, he quickly discovers that his expertise is ignored, his presence meaningless. The leader of the task force is an old nemesis who sidelines Gillette. Returning home to Washington, Gillette watches in horror as food becomes scarce, neighbour attacks neighbour and the government collapses. With Winter approaching, the capitol faces anarchy and Gillette faces a choice: to stay with his family or to disobey orders and find the microbe's antidote through clues that might not even be real.

In the tradition of Michael Crichton, this gripping thriller is chillingly crafted from real science and guaranteed to keep you awake and reading long into the night. 

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