Black Ice

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Author: Matt Dickinson
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Adventurer Carl Norland and celebrity explorer Julian Fitzgerald have teamed up in an attempt to walk across Antarctica at its widest point, a crossing of some 2,000 frozen miles. Success would place their names alongside those of such polar legends as Scott, Shackleton, and Admundsen, but when their goal proves beyond their reach, a frantic rescue begins.
Hundreds of miles away at drilling station Capricorn, scientist Laura Burgess and her team have made a discovery that will stagger the scientific world. News of their discovery must wait, however, as an urgent plea for rescue reaches the remote camp. Into a gathering storm, the rescuers race to snatch the dying adventurers from nature's hungry grasp.

But even the Antarctic's unending whiteness cannot hide the utter darkness of a madman's heart. Just as salvation seems imminent, a terrible secret threatens to turn the saviors into unwitting victims. And all the while, nature gathers her strength, determined to lay claim to them all…

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