Black Cat Black Dog

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Author: John Creed

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Jack Valentine is back . . . When a set of dog tags, supposedly belonging to a seaman missing since the early 1950s, is washed up on a beach in modern day Co. Antrim, Jack Valentine 'deadbeat ex-spook' finds himself being pulled back toward his previous life once more. But what can the disturbance of an old North Sea arms dump, dating back to the end of the Second World War, have to do with a botched US mission to Iraq in the early 1990s? And why are faces Jack knows all too well suddenly appearing in the wintry lanscape of Northern Ireland? From Ireland to Iraq, the MOD to the MRU, and including many familiar characters from the previous two books (and enough double crossing, violence and intrigue to satisfy all seasoned thriller readers) Black Cat Black Dog is the most exciting and gripping yet of the Jack Valentine thrillers.
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