Billy Straight

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Author: Jonathan Kellerman
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When the estranged wife of TV superstar cop Cart Ramsey is found murdered, detectives Petra Connor and Stu Bishop place her ex-husband as a suspect. A highly sensitive investigation begins for Detective Petra Connor and her partner Stu Bishop. For Lisa was the ex-wife of TV star Cart Ramsey, and just before their acrimonious divorce, Lisa had publicly revealed how Ramsey had beaten her up, so suspicion must fall on the millionaire actor. But this is L.A, home  of media frenzy and O.J. Simpson, and the brass at LAPD do not want history repeated. But there was a witness, Billy Straight, a homeless boy too scared to come forward,and when Lisa's parents put up a reward out on him, only Petra realises the peril in which this child has been placed. In a thrilling new novel, Johnathan Kellerman has written a story by turns terrifying and deeply affecting, and created an unforgettably believable heroine. this is an L.A. murder story.that will leave lights on everywhere.  

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