Billy's Book for Blokes

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Author: Anthony William Brownless
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The definitive guide to being a bloke in modern times - how to host a BBQ, dress for a range of occasions, and charm the in-laws. There's a lot more to being a bloke than meets the eye. Billy Brownless is a good bloke. He likes a beer and a bet. Loves his footy, the Darl and his kids. But Billy is worried that blokes are becoming extinct, that before long they'll be like the Tasmanian Tiger - just a rare sighting reported every now and again. So here is Billy's guide to blokedom: from the essential rules every mate must stick to, to the ins-and-outs of backyard cricket, and how to have a perfect day out at the tip, it's everything the modern bloke needs to know. There's even Billy's unique take on what not to wear. And he couldn't resist sharing some stories of his own, from the days when he was a Geelong football legend...

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