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Author: Duane Swierczynski; David Lapham (Illustrator)
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Hot on the heels of The Crimes of Dr. Watson comes an all-new interactive mystery featuring one of the most famous detectives in popular culture: Batman. Murder at Wayne Manor releases just ahead of The Dark Knight (the sequel to Batman Begins), which arrives in theatres July 2008. With state-of-the-art design and production values, this terrific mystery from a popular crime-fiction author has a cool Batman/1940s crime noir aesthetic.The Dark Knight is one of literature's most enduring private investigators--he made his debut more than 75 years ago, in DC Comics' Private Detectives #29. In this new interactive mystery, the reader plays the role of Batman, sifting through the musty clues from an era long past (circa 1940s) in the hopes of clearing the Wayne name. As with The Crimes of Dr. Watson, the book contains an original novella and 10 to 12 interactive clues to remove, study and ponder in order to solve the case. Opening the last signature will reveal whether the reader's P.I. skills are up to par.Murder at Wayne Manor begins with an astonishing discovery: the body of a young woman wrapped in a plastic tarp is found on the grounds of Wayne Manor. Forensic scientists determine that the body has been decomposing for 60 years. Along with the body is what appears to be a hand-written diary, which includes a spidery scrawl on the front: "See what the doctor is capable of?" For Batman, it's never been more personal than this!All ages

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