Banish Your Belly

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Author: Kenton Robinson; Dragomir Cioroslan; Men's Health Books Staff (Editor); Ken Robinson
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover

Every man wants to look better. To have a flatter belly, a more angular torso, better definition in the arms and legs. Being strong and lean means being healthy, having energy, feeling positive about the world. Now, from the writers and editors who bring youMen's Health magazine comes the first guide to the lean lifestyle written exclusively, entirely for men.

Inside you'll find the perfect blend of advice to guarantee that you reach your personal weight and strength goals. You'll discover more than 160 exercises custom-built for body shaping and weight loss, each featuring step-by-step photographs, ratings for difficulty, plus "Do It Better" tips to keep things challenging for even the most accomplished athlete. You'll also find customized workouts for your own personal fitness goals, including:

* Developing a stronger back (page 186)
* Taking off the pounds and keeping them off (page 171)
* Fine-tuning a body that's already in excellent shape (page 176)
* Overcoming obesity (page 180)

ButBanish Your Belly is more than just the greatest exercise book you'll ever own. It's a total lifestyle program that offers the best advice for eating, dressing, and living lean. Inside, you'll learn:

* The "lightbulb" trick for calculating serving sizes (page 43)
* The difference between hunger and appetite-- and how to tell them apart (page 11)
* How to enjoy a tasty and satisfying low-fat meal at your favorite hamburger joint (page 63)
* The 40 best all-around foods you can eat (page 61)
* Why wedded bliss sometimes turns men into wedded blimps (page 90)
* How to dress to make yourself appear leaner (page 95)

Written in the straightforward, entertaining style that has madeMen's Health magazine the number one source for health and fitness information for men today,Banish Your Belly is the ultimate guide to living leaner, stronger, and healthier.

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