Asimov's Elephant

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Author: Robyn Williams (Introduction by, Editor)
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'Ockham's Razor' is a wide-ranging and popular Radio National series that is broadcast as part of the Science Show. It features prominent speakers from a range of scientific fields who talk about aspects of their work. The talks explore contemporary social and philosophical issues in conjunction with recent research in areas such as health, agriculture, the environment, physics, genetics, mathematics and more. Many of the subjects which were introduced on the Science Show during the last seven years have particular currency today. Issues such as cloning technology and its implications for humanity; biological warfare and what can be done to eliminate the dangers; the ramifications of salinity and the need for sustainability; the importance of vaccination; and the reasons behind people's reluctance to use public transport are just a few being actively debated. Other subjects are fascinating in their own right. Robyn Williams provides a lively, provocative and stimulating collection.
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