As Seen on TV

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Author: Sarah Mlynowski
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When Sunny Langstein decides to pack up her life and move in with her boyfriend in Manhattan, her big sister isn't thrilled. what modern-day twenty-four-year-old leaves her promising career, fabulous friends and perfect underground parking spot for a guy?But Sunny has an additional incentive: the chance to star of Party Girls, the latest reality-TV show. true she might become a national laughing stock and it pays nothing, but it's a job-a job in Manhattan. she'll get to be with her boy friend Steve. Okay, so she can't tell anyone she isn't single-but with freebie designer cloths and coconut-cream pedicures to make her transformation into a made-for-TV single girl complete, she can't lose!The show's premiere plunges Sunny into a media frenzy of talk shows, tampon endorsements and S&M toys, and in her quest to become the ultimate Party Girl, Sunny risks losing sight of where she ends, and her Single Superstar TV persona begins.

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