Aromatherapy for Scentual Awareness

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Author: Karen Downes, Judith White
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Karen Downes and Judith White are experienced aromatherapists, and health and lifestyle educators. Karen developed her skills, in aromatherapy after a career in beauty therapy, while Judith has her background in bodywork and tactile therapy.They both have studied wholistic aromatherapy in Europe, the recognised centre of knowledge in this field. As well as having established busy aromatherapy practices in both Melbourne and Sydney, they have facilitated international distribution of the purest essential oils available in the world today under the name 'In Essence'.Acknowledged as leaders in their field, Karen and Judith lecture and teach aromatherapy throughout the world, sharing their own personal experiences and knowledge with tens of thousands of people, providing these people with tools to transform their lives.Their workshops are fun, practical and inspiring, giving participants many new perceptions and skills for well-being.Karen and Judith live and breather aromatic lifestyles.Their message is simple: 'You are your own creator and master of health and vitality. Magnify your power, health and beauty thought aromatherapy!'

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