And Music At The Close - Stravinsky's Last Years

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Author: Lillian Libman

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Hard Cover
Publisher - McMillan, London..
Cover is hard bound with brown cloth.  Light spotting at bottom right of front.   Good condition.
Dust Jacket is present.   Good condition.
End Papers are intact.  Inside front and back covers have copy of manuscript of Strainsky's holograph of 'Double Canyon : Raoul Dufy in Memoriam''. Good condition.
Preliminaries - Dedication, List of Contents, Acknowledgements, Prologue, Epilogue.
Main Text Body - 385 Pages.  Fine and clean.   Photographic illustrations at centre.
End Matters - Finale, Index of Works, Index of names and places.
Edges are even and unworn.
Spine is tight with not gutter damage.  Gilt lettering.
Page Structure is sound with no missing pages.

Even during the final decade of his life Igor Stravinsky remained a central figure in the musical world. In his eighties the creator of the Rite of Spring and The Rake's Progress continued to compose major works that aroused wide attention and controversy, and travelled the world conducting concerts of his music.  Equipped with fine insight,  a deep admiration for the composer and an uncanny gift for depicting the realities of old age, Miss Libram has given us an heartfelt and moving account of Stravinsky.
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