Anatomy of Fitness: Pilates

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Author: Isabel Eisen
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The Anatomy of Fitness series offers the total fitness experience, with a comprehensive catalogue of step-by-step exercises. These user-friendly titles feature detailed, full-colour anatomical illustrations of the muscles used in each exercise, so you're always familiar with what your body should be doing. Detailed tips on the correct form and what to avoid mean you'll be exercising effectively and safely. - Information on exercise basics, nutrition and training at home.- Comprehensive sections on the different types of exercises or poses.- Tailored workouts and routines to suit your fitness and exercise needs.- Modifications and variations on many of the exercises to simplify or intensify the challenge.- Anatomical information and labels to complement the detailed drawings of the body's muscle system that accompany each exercise. Produced in partnership with Moseley Road, the creators of Hinkler's bestselling Anatomy of Exercise range of titles: over 100,000 titles sold! Surveys have found there are 11 million people practising Pilates regularly in the United States alone. Yoga is a common alternative therapy in the United States, with 19 million people, or 6.1 per cent of the population, participating. Core training is one of the hottest topics in the fitness industry. Google searches for 'core exercises' have increased by 300% over the last 7 years. Exercising at home is an affordable alternative to expensive gym fees and exercise equipment; especially relevant in an environment where people are watching their spending but wanting to maintain their fitness.

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