Amazing 1000 Puzzle Challenge

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Author: Robert Allen; Bremner; Gary W. Carter
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Hard Cover
Hard Cover
A thousand of the best, most intriguing, tantalizing,frustrating and (ultimately) satisfying puzzles you can find anywhere. We have taken work by a team of top puzzle compilers, people whose work is published from Alaska to Australia and Germany to Japan, and combined it in one volume that promises to give the very best word and number puzzles, logic problems, visual conundrums, lateral thinking puzzles, and crosswords.On top of all that we have added colour - not simply to prettify but, in many cases, as an extra variable in the puzzles to make them just that bit more perplexing. All you need now is a pencil and a quite corner and that is the last anyone will from you for the next few months. Enjoy!  
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