All the Rage

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Author: Yasmin Boland
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'Remember, Nel, it's easy to be sanctimonious when temptation isn't sitting under your nose.' & lt;br/ & gt;Nel Greene, Bondi-based costume designer and self-confessed astrology junkie, is sure she's finally getting herself together. She's hung out the 'single shingle' again this New Year, but at least she knows what she wants. & lt;br/ & gt;Nel's best friend, Vanessa, refuses to end an affair with a 'practically married' man, and her movie-star half-sister can't get through a day without a little help from something illegal from her handbag or at least a stiff drink. & lt;br/ & gt;Nel thinks they should all get a life. & lt;br/ & gt;But when Nel meets Mr Almost-Perfect, her rules for life and love become blurred . . . If only she could press 'Ctrl-Z'.

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