All at Sea on Land

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Author: Kay Cottee
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Hard Cover
On 5 June, 1988, Kay Cottee fulfilled her childhood dream - to become the first woman in history to complete a solo, nonstop and unassisted sailing voyage around the world. Now, a decade on, Kay candidly fills in the details of her life since that historic achievement, painting an inspiring portrait of one of Autstralia's greatest women. Kay's book has been written to answer many of the questions she is constantly asked as she criss-crosses Australia and the world to tell her of her remarkable voyage. She reflects on the journey that catapulted an ordinary woman into the limelight, which saw her dine with royalty and presidents, tour the outback talking to Australian kids about achieving their dreams and take on a gruelling speaking schedule which single-handedly raised more than $1 million for the Life Education charity. Kay recounts the funny, exciting and sad stories that come with life in the public eye, and her profound love for the country that gave her the chance to reach for her star. She tells of the trials and tribulations of her unconventional years as Chairman of Australia's National Maritime Museum and her passions away from the water - painting and sculpting - and the joys of marriage and motherhood.
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