Aliya: Stories of the Elephants of Sri Lanka

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Author: Teresa Cannon; Peter Davis; Arthur C. Clarke (Foreword by)
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This beautifully designed and photographed book will open your eyes to the magnificence and fragile destiny of the elephants of Sri Lanka. See them 
involved in human activities. The silence of the elephant bespeaks the silence of the watcher. For to stand in silence and observe even a single elephant is to render time motionless. It is to be transfixed by one of nature's most magnificent and miraculous creatures the largest of all the animals that walk the earth. Their very being exudes a nobility and wisdom that is awesome and inspiring. Mystics and poets , prophets and gurus have embraced and celebrated the elephant as a symbol of all that is worth knowing and preserving. Perhaps this is because, in the presence of the elephant, we feel our own humility. These words from Aliya --- Stories of the Elephants of Sri Lanka illustrate the depth of feeling the authors have for the magnificence of the elephant. Along the way we learn how the elephants constitute a keystone species in that their survival is crucial to the survival of the ecosystems.  
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