A Thousand Country Roads

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Author: Robert James Waller
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Hard Cover

A Thousand Country Roads is the eagerly awaited conclusion to The Bridges of Madison County - Robert James Waller's unforgettable tale of the love affair between a wandering photographer and the conventional wife of an Iowa farmer.

Robert Kincaid, is a man with little but memories - memories a lonely existence lived mostly on the road and memories of Francesca Johnson, the woman whose passion he stirred so briefly and so powerfully. Searching for something undefined, something to give meaning to the rest of his life, Kincaid takes to the road again in what becomes a journey of discovery and surprise.

With his dog Highway beside him in an old truck named Harry, Kincaid begins a long winding run back to Roseman Bridge in Madison County, Iowa, returning to the place of his great love affair. On the expedition he call Last Time, Kincaid wanders through Oregon, northern California, eastwards to the Dakotas, and on to Iowa. Along the way, a chance encounter with a woman from his distant past reveals another dimension of his life he could not have imagined.

Meanwhile, still living her own solitary life, Francesca often visits Roseman Bridge and reflects on her day and nights with Robert Kincaid. Cherishing the memory of the strange wandering man, she too decides it is time to search for the person who changed her world....

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