A Question of Identity

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Author: Susan Hill
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The seventh Simon Serrailler crime novel. How do you find a killer who doesn?t exist? Duchess of Cornwall Close- sheltered accommodation, a mix of bungalows and flats, newly built and not quite finished.Despite the bitterly cold weather, elderly residents are moving in. They don?t notice the figure in the shadows. Someone who doesn't mind the cold. Then, one snowy night, an old lady is murdered - dragged from her bed and strangled with a length of flex.DCS Simon Serrailler and his team are aware of bizarre circumstances surrounding her death - but they keep some of these details secret, while they desperately search for a match. All they know is that the killer will strike again, and will once more leave the same tell-tale signature.The break comes when Simon?s former sergeant, the ever cheerful Nathan Coates, tracks down a name- Alan Keyes. But Alan Keyes has no birth certificate, no address, no job,no family, no passport, no dental records. Nothing. Alan Keyes does not exist.A Question of Identity introduces a new and chilling element into the Simon Serailler series-it takes the reader inside the mind of a deranged killer.This is Susan Hill?s most thrillingly imagined crime novel to date.

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