A Night Without Armor

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Author: Jewel Kilcher
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I've learned that not all poetry lends itself to music--some thoughts need to be sung only against the silence. These are softer and less tangible parts of ourselves that are so essential to peace, to open-heartedness, to unfolding the vision and the spiritual realm of our lives, to exposing our souls. -- Jewel from the Preface 

Jewel has been writing poems and keeping journals since childhood. A Night Without Armor, her first collection of poetry, explores the fire of first love, the fading of passion, the giving of trust, the lessons of betrayal, and the healing of intimacy. She delves into matters of the home, the comfort of family, the beauty of Alaska, and the dislocation of divorce. And then there are the images of the road, the people, the bars, the planes, places exotic and mundane, loneliness and friendship. Frank and honest, serious and suddenly playful, A Night Without Armor is a talented artist's intimate portrait of what makes us uniquely human.

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