A New Language for Life

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Author: Louis Koster
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We live in a world of change, an exciting new era. To meet the demands of this new era, we too must change. In fact, we must radically change the way we view ourselves. "A New Language for Life" is a new and innovative approach to how you view yourself and life. Making a commitment to be happy, no matter what, "A New Language for Life" will lead you on a pathway that will enable you to align with your true nature, transcend the limitations that language places on you and restore yourself to the oneness of being--the place of authentic happiness and higher awareness. This new awareness will enable you to reclaim the power of language and manifest your most heartfelt desires. "A New Language for Life" will show you how to transform your life from a place of higher awareness, to trust yourself and life, and to experience an overall sense of peace and well-being--no matter what. It will help you eliminate depression, lethargy, stress, unhappiness, and even your ordinary bad moods. This clear, engaging book will provide a direction to those who are stuck, unsure, at cross-roads in their lives, or believe that there is more to life than what they are now experiencing. Unlike other books, "A New Language for Life" builds on who you actually are, the essential you, so that you can be happy and reach your full potential--no matter what.
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