A History of Saint Margaret's Church Eltham, Volume 3

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Author: Geoffrey A. Sandy
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The story of a turbulent post-war period that witnessed the transformation of the Church of England at Eltham is told in Volume 3. From a small and lifeless parish in the late 1940s it has become a vibrant, progressive and spiritual faith community. This is despite a failure to attract substantial growth in the numbers of committed worshippers. Its progressive response to faith challenges such as gender equality and homosexuality is confirmed. Its exemplary record on ministry and mission is analysed. Its rich spiritual life centred on the eucharist and its reverence for the Liturgy is discussed. The ministry of its diverse group of clergy is described. Its resources of land, money and expertise, together with its sound governance, are documented. Its importance to the social life of its members is discussed.

The historical record strongly suggest Saint Margaret's will remain viable for the foreseeable future. It will remain faithful, resourceful and progressive.

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