A Guide to the Louvre

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Author: Musee Du Louvre Editions
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First time visitors to the Louvre can hardly fail to be overwhelmed by the sheer size and wealth of the collections. The Louvre Museum is an extraordinary time machine. As one passes from one room to another, one travels through centuries, entire civilisations, faced always with the same dilemma: how to choose among the many treasures? This guide, like the visitor, is necessarily selective. Its aims is not to show everything.Through a choice of some six hundred masterpieces from Antiquity to the mid-nineteenth century, the reader is given as comprehensive as possible an idea of all the departments today comprising the Louvre, including the recently created Islamic Arts department and the collection of African, Asian, Oceanic and American arts on view. Visitors can consult this book as a prelude to their visit and return to it afterwards to learn more about thier discoveries. And because it cannot encompass the Louvre in its entirety, this guide proposes the ideal visit.



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