A Convenient Arrangement

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Author: Dorothy Elbury; Elizabeth Beacon
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A MARRIAGEABLE MISS: When Miss Helena Wheatley's wealthy father decides she should marry nobility, only her ingenuity keeps her from being trapped in an unwelcome marriage! But with her father suddenly falling ill, she is forced to turn to one of her prospective suitors and beg for his help. Richard Standish, the Earl of Markfield, honourably agrees to aid Helena. He'll squire her around town until her father recovers. However, when they are caught alone together, their temporary agreement suddenly looks set to become a lot more permanent...

THE RAKE OF HOLLOWHURST CASTLE: Sir Charles Afforde - the infamous, devilish rake has purchased Hollowhurst Castle, lock, stock and barrel. All that is left to possess is the castle's determined and beautiful chatelaine. Roxanne Courland - her youthful, romantic dreams of Charles shattered long ago. This unconventional country miss would rather stay a spinster than enter a loveless marriage. Only this rake's devastatingly sensual onslaught is impossible to resist...

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