A Complete Guide to Playing the World's Best Card Games

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Author: Jeremy Hardwood and Trevor Sippetts
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  • Learn how to play classics such as Baccarat, Cribbage, Go Fish, Gin RUmmy and Kaluki 
  • Clearly explained with more than 1200 easy-to-follow photographs and illustrations.

This expertly presented book gives all the information needed to begin playing cards, with advice on the rules and strategies of each game. The first section, Card Games, covers fun and classic games for families and friends. The second section, Poker, guides you through all the basic information needed to begin playing poker. For every game there is an explanation of the type of pack required, ideal age, playing and scoring, and plenty of diagrams of sample games. This beautifully presented guide is a great resource for all card game enthusiasts. Suitable for beginners and advanced players alike, this practical book will teach you everything you need to play a variety of exciting games.

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