A Collector's Guide to Teddy Bears

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Author: Peter Ford
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Hard Cover
From it's creation at the turn of the century to the present day, the teddy bear has been one of the most universally popular of toys. Today, as well as being every child's beloved companion, it has also become a valuable collector's item. A Collector's Guide to Teddy Bears, tells collectors, or would-be collectors, everything they need to know. It has information on valuing unusual or antique bears, what to look for, and where and how to buy. In addition it has detailed advice on the repair and restoration of damaged bears. It also covers a wide selection of bear-related collectables, such as automata, advertising materials and products featuring bear motifs. Other intriguing chapters contain information about literary bears such as Pooh and Rupert and Paddington, and on bears owned by famous people, as well as the romantic story of the birth of the first teddy bears. Beautifully illustrated throughout with specially commissioned colour photographs, and written in a lively, readable style, this is a book not just to consult, but to treasure and enjoy.      
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