A Century of Women

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Author: Sheila Rowbotham
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Hard Cover
World War politics, universal suffrage, huge global migrations. Maternal welfare, the sexual revolution, the transformation of working women's lives. In A Century of Women renowned social and feminist historian Sheila Rowbotham charts, decade by decade, a century of changes and interchanges in the lives of women and the ways they themselves have determined the course of history. From the nameless women who marched for the vote, stood on picket lines, and refused to ride segregated buses, to the politicians, poets, and film stars whose faces are legendary, their stories are told in rich detail.Entertaining essays, interspersed throughout, discuss body and image, popular fiction, prostitution, lesbian culture, the automobile, the kitchen, Barbie dolls, and more; a final section gathers biographies of four hundred notable women. And threaded through this engrossing book are the submerged but significant experiences of every woman'from births to betrayals, from ecstasy to laundry day.
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