501 Must-Visit Natural Wonders

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Author: David Brown
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This book is an invaluable source for anyone wishing to discover the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. World famous sites including the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest and the Great Barrier Reef feature alongside lesser-known gems such as the Shirakami-Sanchi Forest and the hauntingly beautiful Wrangel Island. llustrated with stunning photography and providing realistic advice for visiting these sometimes remote corners of the earth, this book serves as both an inspiration and a practical guide. 

There is a wealth of wonders here to exhaust even the most intrepid of armchair travellers. Here you will find the cave where 20 million bats roost, the remote Indian Ocean island that is home to 100,000 Giant Tortoises, as well as the world's most active volcano, the longest cave system and the lake so deep that it would take all the world's rivers more than a year to refill it. Mountain ranges, deserts, gorges, rivers, glaciers, marshes, cliffs, waterfalls, coral reefs, tropical rainforests.

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