500 Popular Garden Plants for Australian Gardeners

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Author: Random House
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At some time, nearly every gardener has stood before a withered piece of vegetation and wailed 'everything I plant dies!' But these deaths are usually due to poor choice rather than gardening incompetence. 

500 Popular Garden Plants will help plant lovers choose the rights plants and turn plant killers into green-thumb gardeners.
500 Popular Garden Plants presents some of the most successful and easily grown plants in Australian gardens. From annuals and perennials to cacti and succulents,and many more in between, this valuable guide helps gardeners decide what will grow best in their gardens. 
Each entry gives a general description, essential cultural advice and, where appropriate, potential size, flowering time or light requirements. 
Each entry is accompanied by a colour photograph. A climatic zone map helps to give the gardener an idea of the climatic needs of the plants they would like to grow in their garden.Designed as an easy-to-follow guide for the inexperienced and experienced alike, this user friendly book will turn any 'failed' gardener into the proud owner of an easy-care, flourishing garden.
Fully illustrated, with a plastic jacket.
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